Home rules

The apartment is used on a daily basis and must be left until 10:00 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise provided by the contract.


- Retaining the apartment after 12:00 hours will charge you the price of the next day, except in the event of the inability to leave the apartment in time due to our guilt.


- Guests are obliged to carry their valuables with them. BUDVA BOOKING can not guarantee you for objective reasons.


- In most apartments it is not allowed to introduce animals. For further information, please inquire when making a reservation.


- In our apartments it is not desirable to use salons and grillers. Apartments are equipped so that the above mentioned appliances will not be needed.


- Guests are obliged to keep the apartment, inventory and installations. Any damage incurred must be reimbursed.


- Guests should not cause unpleasant noise and noise and disturb public order. This is especially valid from 14 to 17h and from 22h to 09h.


- It is possible to receive visitors in the apartments unhindered, as long as they are kept in this house order.


- BUDVA BOOKING is entitled to cancel the use of the apartment to the guest in the event of failure to comply with this house order and to declare it as "undesirable guest".


Please provide any irregularity, complaint or complaint issue to the person who made the move to the phone number you received from us, or to one of our numbers.


Dear guests, thank you for using our services,